June 27, 2016

The XC Team that meets Saturday mornings had a Jungle like adventure run before before heading over to Adidas Santa Monica for a second run.

The plan for the NBB XC team run was to start at Will Rogers descend into Rustic Canyon Trail and ascend on to the Sullivan Ridge but things got tricky when we had to run along wet, slippery and overgrown creek for a mile. Eventually we found a way out to a fire road and some returned to Will Rogers via Sunset Blvd, some made it to Sullivan Ridge and took some hippy pictures at Murphy's Ranch and some just gave up at the creek and turned around. The MVP of that run was definitely Helga, she bush walked a mile of over grown vegetation without a machete and then virtually rock climbed a canyon wall to exit the canyon. We were all pretty impressed. Pictures here:


After the Will Rogers Shenanigans we drove over to Adidas Store in Santa Monica to make some new friends and lead a 3 mile run from the store to the famous stairs. Here are the pictures from that run:


2016 NBB XC Season
Our racing team is open to all and all levels are welcome. We had a successful season last year but this year we will be much more organized and prepared for the competition. If you would like to participate you can subscribe the to the XC team e-mails here